United Concordia Reviews – Is United Concordia Dental Insurance Worth it?

United Concordia dental insurance is one of the most popular dental insurance providers in the US. There are so many mixed United Concordia reviews online by providers, employers and individual customers and these reviews could be critical especially when you are shopping for the best dental insurance provider. This company has been around for decades and has been the provider of quality insurance packages for millions of members and their families; if you think that United Concordia could also meet your dental needs check out these features and some pros and cons of their service.


  • Dental plans for individuals, families, groups and companies
  • Plans are available according to classes. Class I for diagnostic and preventive services, Class II for basic services and Class III for major services.
  • You get dental insurance in three easy steps when you go online.
  • The company provides dental coverage options and not discounts on services
  • The company will pay up to 100% on preventive dental care.
  • No waiting periods for diagnostic and preventive services.
  • You can visit any dentist. Try their network dentist list online to find the one nearest you.
  • You can manage your dental plan online by signing in.
  • All your questions and immediate dental inquiries may be answered through their online site 

The pros of using United Concordia

  1. You will be able to choose a specific dental plan that is right for you and your family and not just get discounts on various dental services.
  2. Families will also be encouraged to promote oral and dental health with the company’s up to 100% coverage on preventive dental care.
  3. You get easy access to a dentist when you need one since most dentists accept United Concordia.
  4. You can manage your plans and your family’s plans when you create your own account online.
  5. If you don’t have dental insurance yet or you are still shopping for one, you can easily ask for a quote from their online site.

Cons of using United Concordia

  1. Members have mixed reviews regarding issues with dealing with United Concordia’s customer service. Some had a terrific experience while some had a really hard time. Most had an unpleasant time with the company’s “dental advisors” in explaining their coverage and when dealing with general information.
  2. Some consumers had personal issues with non-coverage of their dental service while others had isolated cases of non-payment of their benefits.
  3. While some members agree that the company was suitable for their needs others were not satisfied with their coverage especially group or company dental packages.

Having mixed reviews for United Concordia makes it a very hard to recommend the service. However, looking at the impressive features and benefits that a greater number of members are experiencing makes it all worth it. It is also recommended that people looking for insurance weigh their options first. Most insurance companies like United Concordia have online sites where you can get almost all the answers to your questions about your policy.