United Concordia

United Concordia is a dental insurance company that provides affordable dental health plans to individuals, families and companies all in the mission of improving oral health. For four decades now, the company has been behind dental packages that provide complete and flexible insurance and has been a strong supporter of the research on the link between oral health and overall wellness of a person.

There is no doubt that poor dental hygiene and oral care will lead to poor health and could worsen different kinds of illnesses. At the latest study, about 47% of Americans suffer from gum disease at one time and this number continues to rise. Gum disease can be a cause or an aggravating factor to other diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, pulmonary disorders and may even play a link in the development of oral cancer. Untreated gum disease will likely recur and can also be the cause of bad breath and many even aggravate sensitive teeth. So it is definitely important to control gum disease and at United Concordia, their mission of providing oral health through flexible and affordable dental plans and through the support of oral health research are still in full force.

In line with this mission is making oral and dental health accessible to everyone. The company conducts free dental services each year to more than 8,000 high-risk adults and children in the United States. This includes seniors who simply cannot afford high quality dental care and dental procedures and children who need dental attention as soon as possible. It is through these community efforts that the company can better dissipate its goals of making oral and dental health a priority. Along with these free services is community education and efforts to uplift dental education from the community level which will also contribute to United Concordia’s mission and values.

United Concordia is behind scholarships for women and minority dental students. These are educational scholarships provided for deserving women and minorities who will also become keys to the success of the company’s goals. And finally, United Concordia contributes to the National Military Family Association, a non-profit organization that is committed to protecting military families through various family programs that will enhance their ways of life. The company believes that strengthening the family is the best way to provide a solid foundation to oral and dental health.

You and your family deserve a tailored and flexible dental solution that will not just take care of your dental emergency needs or when immediate dental conditions arise. You need a company that will preserve oral and dental health through providing efficient preventive programs to help its members. It aims to provide high quality services in the most affordable rates and plans; with your membership, you can also help preserve oral health to so many families and communities and contribute to worthwhile causes for families. Contact United Concordia today and find out more about their different packages and services.